General Information

DIGI-FIELD is an unusual and unique FIELD STRENGTH METER with features for Commercial, Educational, Instructional, RF laboratories, Amateur Radio, Scientists, Technicians, Teachers and Home use.

Three models are available:
Model A
For normal use
Model B
Is 10 db more sensitive than model A (same dynamic range)
Model C
Combines A or B with a switch
  1. Excellent aid for any type of antenna development, experiment or adjustment.
  2. Useful for making and observing radiation patterns of antennas.
  3. Measures TV coax distribution loss in a building
  4. Detects electronic instrumentation cross talk due to RFI (EMI)
  5. Defines the difference between balanced and unbalanced transmision lines.
  6. Measures microwave-oven leakage, TV and computer terminal radiation. Helps define safety distance
  7. Determines RF level in radio environment and concealed areas.
  8. Sniffs 60 cycle noise from motors.
  9. Will measure RF level in your equipment resulting from different grounding methods.
  10. Demonstrates antenna polarization as an instructional instrument.
  11. RF safety monitor for individuals working in RF field.
  12. Can be used as a power meter for very low power.
  13. Transmission Locator (T-Hunt)
Operation DIGI-FIELD is simple to operate. Just flip the power switch on and it is ready to use (make sure your battery has enough power and it's connected). The length of the telescopic antenna will determine the instrument sensitivity. Over range is indicated by the blinking of the three right hand digits, giving a display of 1 ...

DIGI-FIELD is designed to accommodate an external antenna, either directly, or via a transmission line. For TV cable or TV antenna measurements, an F type adapter may be necessary.

NOTE: If the DIGI-FIELD is used indoors, you should be aware that a house is not an anechoic chamber and the instrument will detect and measure the reflections off walls giving sums and differences of the radiation.

On the side, there is a detector output jack for AM monitoring with a computer interface. It can be connected to a computer or a recorder (with High Impedance input).

Calibration The instrument comes with curves made to very high standards of traceability. Readings can be verified at any time by injecting a calibrated signal at the antenna input and corrected as necessary. By design they allow for the measurement of changes at fractions of a dB, a feature that many expensive instruments are not capable of doing.
Expert Technical assistance is available by phone at (805)-493 5057.
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